When A Divorce Seems Inevitable

Reach out to a sympathetic divorce attorney in Ephraim, UT

Family law matters, especially divorces, can stress you out financially and emotionally. Douglas L. Neeley, Attorney at Law has helped many clients in the Ephraim, Utah area avoid messy divorces. He'll act as your divorce attorney to help you and your spouse part on agreeable terms. You'll be able to make hard decisions more easily with attorney Neeley helping you.

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3 reasons to retain a child custody attorney

Attorney Neeley will keep your child's interests front of mind during your divorce. Make him your child custody attorney in Ephraim, Utah if:

  • The other parent has been violent toward you or your child
  • The other parent is trying to prevent you from seeing your children
  • The other parent has addiction issues

Contact Mr. Neeley's firm today to see how a child custody attorney can help simplify your case. Attorney Neeley also takes on cases dealing with domestic law appeals, fathers' rights and grandparents' rights.